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To view the IONOTRONICS FPGA/ASIC Research and Development Platform, the Dakotaraptor, with the Xilinx Spartan 6 45T FPGA Adaptor, see here.
List of Products
Item Description Datasheet/SKU Price and Stock Cart Photo
1 PyroRaptor USB/I2C/SPI/UART/GPIO/ADC MK-11009 Get Add
2 I2C Dual Potentiometer and Meter MK-72110 Get Add
3 Debounce 4 Switch 4 LED MK-55856 Get Add
4 I2C 4 ADC Ch DAC MK-34765 Get Add
5 Eororaptor Robotics Platform MK-36019 Get Add
6 PIC32MX360F512 Processor Board MK-33856 Get Add
7 PIC16F1947 Processor Board MK-28988 Get Add
8 PIC16F1825 I2C PWM Servo Control or I2C Ultra Sonic MK-24316 Get Add
9 I2C 3.3V 5V Bus Regulator Board MK-33910 Get Add
10 I2C Based PWM Servo Controller with Servo Current Measurement MK-44149 Get Add
11 PIC16F1937 GPIO Expander I2C UART MK-82075 Get Add
12 PIC32MX250F128 GPIO Expander I2C UART MK-53393 Get Add
13 Dual SPDT Relay GPIO MK-91648 Get Add
14 WiFI Module Samtec 40 Pin with USR-WiFi232-T MK-60689 Get Add
15 Breakout Samtec 40 Piin MK-63386 Get Add
16 LDO 3.3V 4xI2C Connectors MK-14308 Get Add
17 LDO 5V 4xI2C Connectors MK-77988 Get Add
18 Dual RS-232 Level Converter MK-38824 Get Add
19 Analog Accelerometer MK-56209 Get Add
20 I2C 3-Axis Gyro Accelerometer MK-95157 Get Add
21 RGB Led with 6 Pin Hirose Connector MK-51760 Get Add
22 SPI 4 MBit EEPROM MK-78171 Get Add
23 Prototype Board MK-21479 Get Add




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