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Datasheet MK-56209

Analog Three Axis Accelerometer Datasheet



  • Analog Accelerometer is based on the Freescale FXLN83xxQ
  • 6 Pin DF11 Series Hirose Connector
  • 3 Axis
  • 3.3V



The MK-56209 provides an interface to the FXLN8361 Accelerometer using a Hirose 6 Pin Connector. This connector provides access to the three analog Axis acceleometer measurements and also provides 3.3V power supply to the device.

The Analog Accelerometer allows for direct measurement of the 3-Axis values using a voltmeter or ADC. With the IONOTRONICS I2C Four Channel ADC ( MK-34765) you can use the Pyroraptor USB/I2C Bridge (MK-11009) to view the 3 axis values simultaneously using the Java Meter Beans. See the Pyroraptor Java Graphical Interface and the User Guide.



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