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6x I2C Bus MK-66501

6x I2C Bus 6 Pin 6V


  • Six 6 pin Molex 0.1" Connectors 6V
  • Two 4 pin DF-11 Connectors I2C Bus
  • One 4 pin Molex 0.1"
  • 6 V Bus to Supply Servo Motors and I2C Slave PWM Contollers


Provides for connecting six MK-44149 I2C PWM Slave with Current Monitoring for Motor Control Devices to build Robots wiith Six Desgrees of Freedom such as Robotic Arms and Humanoids among other Robotc Applications.The bus also supports an interrupt from and a inhibit to the I2C slaves. Two 4 pin DF-11 connectors and an a 4 pin Molex with 0.1" connector are provided to connect to the Pyroraptor USB/I2C Bridge and additional I2C devices.



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