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Datasheet MK-78171



  • MUX Selects from Two SPI Sources
  • One Source can be the System on a Chip used for Bootup and Data
  • Other Source can be Pyroraptor or SPI Master to Program EEPROM
  • 12 pin DF11 Hirose for Source 1
  • 16 Pin DF11 Hirose for Source 2 with Mux Select
  • Default 12 pin Connector Selected for SPI Master
  • 3.3V Supply
  • 25.4 mm x 25.4 mm ( 1" by 1")
  • Fully Supported by the Pyroraptor USB/SPI bridge as well as Java Pyroraptor Graphical Interface


The SPI EEPROM is useful in providing data local store for embedded systems. For a System on a Chip ASIC it can provide the bootup code as well as data. The SPI device supports two SPI sources using two connectors. With one connector the USB/SPI Bridge (Pyroraptor) can be used to program the SPI EEPROM. Through the second connector, the embedded system or ASIC can access the SPI EEPROM for data as well as write data. In some applications, the ASIC bootup code can be programmed into the SPI EEPROM.

A great application is for PIC or Arduino embedded systems to read the EEPROM that has been programmed through the Pyroraptor® USB/I2C/SPI bridge. The embeeded processor can then play out a robot sequence or for example program a PLL based on data stored in the EEPROM. Hence the convenience of the Mux.


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