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Datasheet MK-33856

PIC 32 bit SoC PIC32MX360F512 40 Pin SAMTEC Adapter


  • Remote Robot Command Program (RRCP)


  • 80 MHz PIC32 SoC with 512K Flash
  • Two Independent I2C Busses.
  • Supports Wireless (WiFi) Through SAMTEC 40 Pin Connection
  • Interfaces to Eoraptor on-Board EEPROM SPI Flash with a Multiplexer for Separate Programming
  • Hirose DF11 Series 16 pin Connector for Additional GPIO
  • 2x Independent UART Cores.
  • High Speed SPI Interface Between PIC32 SoC and Wireless Module (e.g. WiFi).
  • Hardware Flow Control Support for Serial Interface Between PIC32 and Wireless Module.
  • Pre-Programmed with RRCP Firmware


The MK-33856 PIC32MX360F512 Adaptor attaches to the Eoraptor providing multiple interfaces for electronic and robotics control.

Using the Eoraptor you can interface sensors to the PIC32 SoC and provide Wireless Access (e.g. Wireless TCP/IP) to sensors and the PIC32. See Robot Designs for blueprints of Humanoid and Rover Robots built with the 32 bit PIC using the Eoraptor. Besides Robotics the Eoraptor can be used for integrating sensors, control and communication via RS-232 or Wireless TCP/IP for many electronics applications controlled by the PIC32 SoC.

The PIC32 is pre-programmed with the Remote Robot Command Program (RRCP) firmware.


No programming necssary to get up and running. Just hook up a serial RS-232 interface to the Eoraptor and start testing and integration.

Programming and debugging using Microchip ICD and PICKIT 3 and 4 fully supported.


Details on the Samtec 40 pin Connector and signals are provided so that you can interface the PIC32 Adapter to your own board design.


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