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Datasheet MK-28988

PIC16F1947 SoC Adaptor

  • Remote Robot Command Program (RRCP)


  • 8 bit PIC16F1947 Adaptor
  • Mates with Eoraptor Robot Controller
  • 40 Pin SAMTEC Connector
  • 32 MHz Clock
  • 16K Words Program Flash
  • 2x I2C
  • 2x UART
  • SPI with multiple Chip Selects
  • PWM
  • ADC
  • GPIO
  • Pre-Programmed with RRCP Firmware


The PIC16F1947 SoC Adaptor allows interfacing the SoC to the Eoraptor Robotics Platform. Combined with the Eoraptor the PIC16F1947 can control robots using Serial UART, I2C and SPI Interfaces. Multiple GPIO are available to interface to the IONOTRONICS Debounced Switches and LEDs as well as Morse Code Side Tone generator. IONOTRONICS provides reference designs for a Rover and the BRAT humanoid controlled with the PIC16F1947 adaptor. See Robot Designs.

Combined with the WiFi Adaptor the PIC16F1947 Adaptor and Eoraptor allow wireless TCP/IP control of robots. IONOTRONICS has open sourced the firmware for the PIC16F1947 for remote Wireless TCP/IP robot control (RRCP). The HEX file is also available for programming the PIC16F1947 Flash.

The 8 bit Enhanced PIC15F1947 offers very low current consumption for power sensitive designs.

Programming and debugging using Microchip ICD and PICKIT 3 and 4 fully supported. CCS C Development and Programmer/Debugger fully supported.

Details on the Samtec 40 pin Connector and signals are provided so that you can interface the PIC32 Adapter to your own board design.


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