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Datasheet MK-60689

WIFI Module with Adaptor Based on USR-WIFI232T SAMTEC 40 Pin


  • IEEE 802.11bgn
  • WiFi to Serial
  • Plugs into WiFi Adaptor for 40 Pin SAMTEC to Eoraptor
  • Reset and Reload Switches
  • Power on Reset
  • Supports Status LEDs (Ready, Associated)


The MK-60689 adaptor support the USR WiFi232-T WiFi device and provides systems built on the Eoraptor Platform the capability to be networked through a wireless TCP/IP network. Java applications on Workstations can communicated with the System on a Chip(SoC) on the Eoraptor platform through the SoC’s serial port and the WiFi Module (MK-60689). The MK-60689 provides a direct TCP/IP socket to the serial port. Using Telnet one can send commands directly to the SoC and receive results. Java and C/C++ applications can communicate with the SoC through TCP/IP Sockets. The MK-60689 can be attached to the Eoraptor. A Blue LED that shows the WiFi status in this case association with the Access Point (AP). We should note that the MK-60689 (with the USR WiFi232-T) supports a multi-threaded server. That is multiple simultaneous TCP/IP sockets are supported. For example, a Java application can control a Robot through the PIC32 SoC while a Telnet session monitors the traffic and can also send commands.


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