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Datasheet MK-11009

Pyroraptor USB/I2C/SPI/GPIO Bridge


  • I2C Bus Support 3.3V and 5V
  • I2C Pullup Selection 2.2KOhms or 10K Ohms
  • 2 Molex Based 4-pin I2C Connectors
  • 2 4-pin Hirose I2C Connectors
  • All Switch Based Configuration ( no jumpers required)
  • SPI with 4 Chip Selects
  • UART
  • GPIO
  • PIC RJ-11 to 4 pin 0.1" Header Conversion (Optional)


Pyroraptor is a USB to I2C/SPI/GPIO/PWM Bridge device. It supports the control of I2C and SPI devices by a Windows based or Linux based PCs. Pyroraptor uses the ARM Cortex-M3 processor, specially the LPC1311/13/42/43 series System on a Chip from NXP. To support the USB to I2C/SPI/GPI/PWM bridge and provide a powerful C API for application development, the Pyroraptor uses the Diolan DLN Firmware. To get more information on the Diolan DLN device visit www.diolan.com.

Pyroraptor allows you to control I2C devices using a Java based Graphical User Interface written by IONOTRONICS. The Java Application uses the Java Native Interface (JNI) to interface to the device using the Diolan C API. With the Java Application you can start controlling I2C and SPI devices in short order. The user Guide (PDF or WORD) go over configuring Payroraptor switches and also the cabling required to interface to I2C and SPI devices.

Cable for Connection to 25 mil Posts (0.1" Headers)

This is a handy cable for connecting 4 pin DF-11 I2C Connectors to systems with 0.1" 25 mil posts such as the Pyroraptor USB/I2C Bridge or the PIC32/Eoraptor or PIC16F1947/Eoraptor to I2C devices with 0.1" headers. Also for monitoring the I2C bus. See the Datasheet here also to add to cart.





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