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Datasheet MK-24316

PIC16F1825 Breakout Board and I2C PWM or Ultra Sonic Control


  • I2C Slave PWM Servo Control or Ultra Sonic Sensor
  • PWM Based 1500 us 50 Hz Servo Control
  • Program I2C Address Through Java Pyroraptor Graphical Interface
  • 16 MHz Clock
  • 8K Word Flash
  • In Circuit Serial Programming (ICSP)
  • 16 pin Hirose Connection for ICSP, UART, I2C, ADC
  • 4 pin Hirose I2C Connection
  • Size: 14.605 mm x 25.4 mm


The PIC16F1825 Board is small and compact and provides most devices to be converted to an an I2C device. The PIC16F1825 can be shipped configured with firmware to support an I2C PWM device. In this case the PIC16F1825 can control servo motors using the 1500us 50Hz PWM. For example each joint in a robot can become an an I2C interface for PWM control. The PIC16F1825 I2C address can be changed using the Java Pyroraptor Graphcal User Interface.

The PIC16F1825 can also be configured to convert popular Ultra Sonic devices into an I2C device. Combined with PWM PIC16F1825's interesting roboctic application can be envisioned all controlled through an I2C bus. The PIC16F1825 can be field programmed and provides an ADC input as well as PWM. Its also supports a serial iterface throgh the UART. This is a small low power device that can replace electronic circuits in a compact device with serial or I2C communication.

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