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Datasheet MK-72110

I2C Dual Potentiometer and Meter


  • I2C Access to Two Independent Potentiometers
  • Analog Meter for Displaying values from 0-255
  • Two Additional ADC Channels
  • 3.3V or 5V Operation



The MK-72110 is a great device for experiomenting with I2C. Right out of the box you can connect it to the Pyroraptor USB/I2C Bridge (MK-11009) and using the Pyroraptor Java Graphical Interface you can scan for the I2C address and start reading the Potentiometers, display values in Java Bean Graphiocal Meters. You can move the needle in the 50 uA Meter by sending values from 0 to 255.

One great application of the MK-72110 is to use the Potentiometers to control Pan and Tilt in an Ultrasonic Scanner. By bussing multiple MK-72110s you can control a Robotic Arm. The Potentiometer is one of the best ways to control a Robotic Arm base, shoulder, elbow and wrist servo among others.

The Meter can be used to display Ultarsonic Sensor distance.

IONOTRONICS provides Executable programs on Windows that read an Ultrasonic Sensor and send the measurement to the Meter as well as control Pan and Tilt.

The MK-72110 uses a precision 100 KOhm resistor to connect the DAC output of a MK-34765 to a 50 uA meter. Thus at 5V the meter shows full scale with a 255 DAC value.



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