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Datasheet MK-63386

Breakout SAMTEC 40 Pin


  • 40 Pin Breakout
  • Fully Labled
  • Ground and VDD
  • Protection of SAMTEC Spring Connectors


The SAMTEC 40 Pin Breakout Board attaches to to the SAMTEC 40 Pin Connector on the Eoraptor. Using the breakout board wireless devices can be interfaced to the SoC or by itself on the Eoraptor platform which provides power and status LEDs as well as RS-232 level translation.


For SoC Development the Samtec Breakout Board allows for various SoC's to be tested prior to the development of a PCB for an SoC Adaptor. Plus an SoC can take advantage of the Eoraptor platfrom.


The breakout board also provides protection for the Samtec connectors when an adaptor board is not populated.




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