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Modular Miniturized Embedded Controllers and Peripherals for Electronics and Robotics Applications

New SmallSat Exhibition Demos and Robot Designs

Ionotronics designs and manufactures modular subsystems for building compact electronic solutions in the areas of Robotics and Embedded C and Wireless Control. Ionotronics products enable researchers and hobbyist as well as manufacturers to invent and prototype using small form factor parts. The wide range of products allow complex systems to be built and deployed.

Ionotronics offers embedded controllers based on the PIC32 32 bit System on a Chip (SoC) as well as PIC 8 bit SoCs. In addition, Ionotronics offers the ARM Cortex M3 embedded processor for USB to I2C/SPI/GPIO and ADC applications.

Ionotronics developes modules for combined embedded processor and Wireless (TCP/IP) communication to Java based host Applications. Combining Industrial Strength Java Application Development with Wireless TCP/IP communication to embedded devices, Ionotronics enables Cloud Based Robotics and Control. Ionotronics offers both the Java host based code and embedded remote control code as Open Source.

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Ionotronics provides all the schematics and source code for both the host side and embedded controllers so that Researchers, Hobbiest and Manufactures can build systems quickly and also extend functionality.

Ionotronics uses small form factor interconnects for keyed cabling between modules to build robust systems.

All Ionotronics Products are Manufactured in the United States of America.





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