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RJ-11 to 6-pin DF-11 and 6 pin Molex 0.1" MK-25222

RJ-11 Programmer Adaptor to 6 Pin DF-11 and 6 pin Molex 0.1" Connector


  • RJ-11 Connector
  • 6 pin DF-11 Connector
  • 6 pin Molex 0.1"


Converts between RJ-11 and DF-11 6pin and Molex 6pin Connectors. Many PIC Programmers use an RJ-11 connector to program PICs using ICSP. This adaptor allows for boards with DF-11 connectors to connect to the RJ-11 based Programmer. The Molex connector can also be used, Note that the Molex connector is also convenient for converting PICKit 0.1" 25 mil Post to DF-11 connectors.



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