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Datasheet MK-95157

I2C Three Axis Gyro and Accelerometer Datasheet



  • I2C 3-Axis Gyro
  • I2C 3-Axis Accelerometer
  • Two I2C 4 Pin Connectors
  • Two 6 Pin I2C Connectors with Interrupt Signals
  • 3.3V Operation



The MK-95157 supports I2C bus interface to a 3-Axis Gyro and a 3-Axis Accelerometer. The I2C 3-Axis Accelerometer is based on the Analog Devices ADXL343.

The I2C 3-Axis Gyro is based on the ST Micro L3G4200DTR.

The two I2C slaves are accessed through a 4 pin DF11 Series Hirose Connector. Two connectors are provided so that the device can be bussed to other I2C devices. Two 6 pin DF11 Series Hirose connectors are also provided for each device that also provide the interrupt signals.

You can use the Pyroraptor USB/I2C Bridge (MK-11009) to interface and test the device. See the Pyroraptor Java Graphical Interface.



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