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Datasheet MK-44149

I2C Based PWM Servo Controller with Servo Current Measurement


  • I2C Slave PWM Servo Control
  • PWM Based 1500 us 50 Hz Servo Control
  • Servo Current Measurement Available Through I2C
  • Program I2C Address Through Java Pyroraptor Graphical Interface
  • 16 MHz Clock
  • 8K Word Flash
  • In Circuit Serial Programming (ICSP)
  • 6 pin Hirose Connection for ICSP, UART
  • 4 pin Hirose I2C Connection
  • 25.4mm x 25.4 mm ( 1" x 1")


The PIC16F1825 based Servo Controller provides for I2C control of Servo Motors using the 1500us 50 Hz PWM. It also measures the current through the Servo. The measured cirrent can be read through the I2C slave interface. The device uses a 6 pin Molex connector to support high current capability to the attached Servo Motor.

The device has an on board 6V to 5V LDO for the 16F1825 PIC.. The Servo Signal, Power and Ground can be soldered to the board.

The device supports programming the PIC using ICSP.

The I2C address can be changed using the Java Pyroraptor Graphical User Interface. See the video.

The I2C address is stored in the PIC EEPROM.


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