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Datasheet MK-63701

DB-9 DTE (Female) RS-232 to 4 pin DF-11 Cable


  • 6 " (15.24 cm) Cable
  • Hirose 4-pin DF-11
  • DB-9 DTE (female)
  • Color Coded ( Green/Yellow/Black)


This cable is used in many products to provide an interface to RS-232 serial communiactions. The cable connects at one end to a small 4 pin DF-11 connector and at the other end to a female DTE DB-9 connector. The wires are provided in three colors:

1- Green Tx from the PC for example.

2- Yellow Rx to the PC for example.

3- Black which is ground.

When connected to the Eorapror or the Dual RS-232 Level Converter there is no ambiguity. The 4-pin DF-11 is keyed and the female DTE DB-9 connector connects to the male DB-9 RS-232 connector from the PC.



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