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Datasheet MK-14308

LDO 3.3V 4xI2C Connectors



  • 6V to 3.3V DC Redulator
  • Four 4-pin Hirose Connectors for supplying power.
  • Four I2C 4-pin Conectors (Data and Clock Bussed)
  • Power Switch
  • Power LED
  • Screw Terminal for Input DC



The MK-14308 is a Voltage Regulator using an LDO with 6V to 3.3V regulation. The board provides four I2C 4 pin connectors that are bussed together. The I2C connectors can be used to provide 3.3V supply to various devices as well as I2C devices that are bussed.

The board has a switch and an LED to indicate that power has been applied.


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