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I2C Rover Series Blue Print I2C Based Rovers with Wireless TCP/IP Control including iOS iPAD/iPhone and Java Robotics App. Includes many videos.
Microraptor® Microraptor Omnidirection 4 Ultasonic Sensors, Accelerometer, Gyro, Magnetometer, 4 channel ADC single DAC, Tone Generator, 4 indepndent TT Motors. Based on PIC32MX360F512 System on a Chip (Soc). Pre-programmed with Remote Robot Control Program (RRCP).
Taking Control of I2C Servos and Sensors Detailed description of exciting I2C projects with hardware and software tools from IONOTRONICS to get started in I2C. Includes I2C Servo based Pan and Tilt and Ultrasonic Sensor as well as Pan and Tilt control with Dual Potentiometers. Also simultaneous reading of all three axis with analog accelerometer. Videos.
AL5A Robotic Arm control with I2C Servos and Design Detailed description of blue print to construct 6 degree of freedom Robotic Arm (e.g. with Lynxmotion AL5A with no Electronics) using I2C Servos and IONOTRONICS Java Pyroraptor Graphical Interface for I2C Control as well as direct serial control using the 8 or 32 bit PIC processors with Robotic Platform. I2C Servos enabled using the MK-44149 PIC16F1825.
Humanoid (BRAT Based)with I2C Servo Control via Wireless TCP/IP The Biped Humanoid is based on the Lynxmotion BRAT with no electronics. All electronics are priovided by IONOTRONIC's devices,hardware and software tools. The I2C Humanoid has 6 PWM Servos. In the design by IONOTRONICS, they are controlled using PIC16F1825 I2C PWM Slaves (MK-24316). A PIC16F1947 is the I2C Master. It receives commands for the I2C based PWM Servos from the Java Application via the Wireless TCP/IP link. An accelerometer is used for position detection (e.g. on back). Automous Java code is used for getting up, walking and pivoting.
Pan and Tilt with Ultrasonic Sonar Describes a Pan and Tilt with Utrasoinc based on I2C Slaves. Scalable. Demonstrates Java Pyroraptor Graphical Interface to Test and Control.




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