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Taking Control of I2C Devices with IONOTRONICS ® Hardware and Software Tools


I2C Hardware and Software Tools Videos (Click Descriptions for Details)
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Intoduction to the Pyroraptor® USB/I2C Bridge  
Dual Potentiometer Control of I2C Pan and Tilt
Java Graphical Interface Scan Tab Control I2C Ultrasonic Scanner
I2C Demonstration Potentiometer and Meter with Java Pyroraptor Graphical Interface and Java Bean Meters
3-Axis Analog Accelerometer Simultaneous Display of XYZ Acceleration in Java Bean Meters



The addition of sensors and servos to Robotics projects as well as engineering projects is faciliated by the availability of a host of I2C devices. For example, 3-Axis gyroscopes and acclerometers can be used to measure the rate at which a Rover is tanking, whether it is on a slope or upside down. I2C sensors are used for proximity detection as well as range measurements. IONOTRONICS offers very small footprint PIC16F1825 boards that can be used to convert many sensors such as the Parallax Ultrasonic Sonar to I2C Slaves. Through these devices relays can be controlled through the I2C bus and protocol. ADC measurements can be performed among other tasks. In addition, IONOTRONICS has developed PIC16F1825 based devices that can convert Servo Motors using PWM (1500us ) to I2C slave devices. With the Pyroraptor, I2C devices can be scanned and directly programed. In many cases, through the Java Graphical Interface, Tabs are provided to support 3-Axis Gyroscopes, 3-Axis Acceleromters, 4 channel ADC and single channel DACs as well as individual and multiple I2C Servo motor controls. We make working with I2C devices straight forward. You can jump start your I2C projects and get a grip on the I2C protocol and bus without being buried in protocol detail. With IONOTRONICs hardware and tools you can build I2C based Robots, develop security and monitoring systems as well as industrial applications.

The I2C Demonstration with Potentiometer/Meter and Graphical Java Beans (Quick Start to I2C)

We will describe a number of experiments that are also supplied with Videos to get started in I2C projects. We start with the all important I2C Potentiometer/Meter device. This device is a great way to get involved in I2C hardware as well as building, for example, simple Robotic solutions. The Pot/Meter for short is based on the MK-72110 which is an I2C slave providing 4 Analog to Digital Conversion (ADC) channels as well as a single Digital to Analog converter. All you have to do to get started is connect the Pot/Meter to the Pyroraptor using the supplied 4 pin Hirose connector and we are ready to run some experiments. A key to visualizing ADC measurements is to use Java Bean Meters incorporated in the Java Pyroraptor Graphical Interface. See the play list on the introduction to the Pyroraptor for example applications.

MK-72110 Pot/Meter I2C Device with Cable to Connect to Pyroraptor

MK-11009 Pyroraptor USB/I2C Bridge


Pyroraptor Java Graphical Interface with ADC/DAC Tab to Measure four ADCchannels and Set DAC on POT/METER I2C Device


The Java Bean Meters shown above are a great means to simultaneously monitor all 4 channels of the I2C 4xADC/DAC MK-34765. They are as if four analog volt meters were attached to the ADC analog channel. We have a number of Videos to illustrate the operation of the Java Bean Meters and the I2C ADC as well as the Potentiometer. We are also able to display 8 bit digital data on the analog meter which is a 50uA meter. With a precision 100KOhm resistor in series, the DAC output is displayed in the meter such that 5V is full scale. As you can see in the Videos one application is to view the distance from the ultrasonic on the analog meter.


3-Axis Analog Accelerometer Simultaneous Display of XYZ Acceleration in Java Bean Meters

How about moving an analog 3-axis accelerometer into various positions or doing hard movements and seeing all three axis values as they change on the graphical meters (Java Beans). Nothing like it. Real easy to setup and test with the MK-56209 3-axis analog accelerometer, the 4 channel I2C ADC (MK-34765) and the Pyroraptor USB/I2C Bridge and Free Open Source Java Pyroraptor Graphical Interface Tool. See the images below. Also see the Video for all the action.

4 Channel I2C ADC and Single Channel DAC (MK-34765)



3 Axis Analog Accelerometer MK-56209

Java Bean Meters (Java Payroraptor Graphical Interface) and 3 Axis Analog Acceleometer Simultaeously Showing All Three Axis

Hirose DF11 Series Connectors Used to Interface 3 Axis Acceleometer to I2C 4 Channel ADC/DAC (MK-34765)




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