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Pyroraptor Java Graphical Interface for I2C and SPI Devices via USB

Graphical Interface for Pyroraptor USB/I2C/SPI/GPIO Bridge


  • Scanning I2C Devices on the I2C Buss
  • Easy Data Transmission and Reading from I2C Devices
  • SPI Graphical Interface to Interact with SPI Devices
  • Graphical Interface to I2C Based Servo Motors
  • Graphical Interface to I2C Ultrasonic Sensor
  • Java Beam Meter Showing 4x Sensor ADC Readings
  • AL5 I2C Based Robotic Arm Control
  • Multi-Threaded Interval Based Reading of Multiple Sensors
  • Tab Based Design
  • Open Source Lesser GPL
  • Java Native Interface (JNI) Open Source Lesser GPL
  • Access to Diolan C API Through JNI Interface


The Java Graphical Interface to the Pyroraptor USB/I2C/SPI interface provides a Tab Based interface for testinfg I2C devices and also programming and interfacing to SPI devices. The Java Applications allows for scanning I2C busses listing devices. Data can be sent to and received from each I2C device.

The Java Application through the Tab Interface supports IONOTRONICS I2C Boards for interfacing to multiple sensors (I2C 4xADC and DAC). The application also supports direct graphical support for I2C PWM Motor Control using the IONOTRONICS PIC16F1825 board.

Support is also provided for the control of an AL5 I2C based Arm using the I2C PWM controllers. See the Blueprint and Description here.

The Java Application interfaces with the Pyroraptor USB/I2C/SPI bridge using a Java Native Interface (JNI) to the Diloan C API. See www.diolan.com for the Diolan C API. The Pyroraptor uses the Diolan Firmware for the USB/I2C/SPI bridge.

Scan of I2C Bus Showing Multiple I2C Slaves ( I2C Rover in this Case)

Java Beans Meter Measuring and Visualization of Four Analog to Digital Converters (MK-34765) See Video for Demonstration of Analog Accelerometer.

I2C Bsed Pan and Tilt with Ultrasonic Distance Measurement and Display on Java Bean Meter. See Video for a Demonstration. Also Part II Video.

SPI Device Graphical Interface Tab with Support for Multiple Slave Selects. See Video for a Demonstration.

Control of I2C Based Six Degrees of Freedom Robotic Arm AL5A (See Blueprint). This Video shows a Robot ARM Being Controlled by the Pyroraptor Graphical Interface. An ASCII Text File with Multiple Joint Servo Positions and Timing is Read and Parsed and Commands Sent to I2C PWM Slaves (MK-44149).

Control of a Single I2C PWM Slave (See MK-44149). Great for Testing Individual Joints for Example.

Control of Sabertooth Motor Controller With Two I2C PWM Slaves (MK-24316) at Addresses 0x50 and 0x51. Used for Tanking, Forward and Reverse Motion. See I2C Rover Blueprint for More Information on Sabertooth Control via I2C PWM Slaves..









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