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Java Robotics App

Screen Shots

The Java Robotics App (JavaRoboticsApp) is a major tool for remotely controlling Robots and providing a way to harness the full power of Java running on Linux, Windows or a MAC to perform the Robotics Heavy Lifting Code. For example, all the Inverse Kinematics calculations can be done in Java and the Robot joint position commands sent to the Robot over Wireless TCP/IP. In the case of a Rover, the Java Robotics App can implement an autonomous vehicle, which reads all sensors and sends Rover motion commands (Forward/Reverse, Tanking) as well as adjustments to path.

The JavaRoboticsApp communicates with the Remote Robotics Command Program (RRCP) running on an embedded processor in the Robot.

A key feature of the JavaRoboticsApp is that, with the Graphical User Interface, we provide Tabs to support various Robots. For example, we have a TAB for the BRAT Humanoid providing support for various stances, getting up when on its back, walking ( autonomous modes) as well as reading a sequence from a file. A TAB is also provided to support the I2C Rover ( for example we provide code for an anutonomous mode for obstacle avoidance).

For Gyroscopes and Accelerometers we provide a TAB that shows the Gyroscope measuremnet in a Graphical Java Bean as well as the X,Y, and Z Axis of the accelerometer in fixed time intervals (live updates). Significantly, the JavaRoboticsApp calibrates Gyroscope and Accelerometer Measurement and sends the sensor data to the NAVBALL application so that the dynamic position of the Robot can be visualized. See video. Also see the Robotic Rover Blueprint for videos showing the JavaRoboticsApp in action as well as for the Robotic ARM and Brat Humanoid ( see Robot Designs).


JavaRoboticApp Control of Robots Through Wireless TCP/IP and Support of NAVBALL

Note: Robots Support Multi-Threaded Server on Wireless TCP/IP. So Telnet and Other JavaRoboticsApps can Control Robots or be Used to Monitor Traffic

The JavaRoboticsApp is developed with the Netbeans IDE. We also support the JFormDesigner for the design of various forms and the graphical user interface.

JavaRoboticsApp is Open Source based on the GNU Lesser General Public License v3.0 .

For Source Code contact IONOTRONICS.

Screen Shots ( click on image for large scale)




I2C Rover Tab in JavaRoboticsApp

Gyroscope and X,Y,Z Accelerometer Tab Live Measurements and Display with Java Beans.

JavaRoboticsApp BRAT Humanoid Control Tab.

Connection Tab Showing IP Address and Port for the Robot



Scanner, Pan and Tilt





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