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In order to show the orientation of a CubeSat or a Rover Robot , IONOTRONICS selected the KSP NAVBALL as the optimum display for heading, pitch and roll and also rotations about the axis. Measurements from the IONOTRONCS MK-95157 3-Axis Acceleormeter and Gyro are processed and sent to the NAVBALL application to update the Cubesat or Robot orientation and rotation.

Z Axis Rotation PIC32 Eoraptor WiFi and 3 Axis Gyro NAVBALL
Pitch and Roll Accelerometer (3 Axis MK-95157) PIC32 Eoraptor WiFi NAVBALL
Industrial Joystick Control of NavBall :Joystick with NavBall Linux based Mint 17.3 ASUS Mini-ITX Intel Core i5 with Serial Interface to PIC16F1947 and I2C 4xADC, HTTP Post Requests to Nav Ball Embedded HTTP Server
Rover Robot Tanking and Sending Gyro (Wireless TCP/IP) to Java Robotics App which Updates NavBall.


IONOTRONICS has built up the C++ code for the NAVBALL running on LINUX Mint 17 with the code for the NAVBALL from:


IONOTRONICS has implemented an embedded HTTP Server with the Navball Application that accepts HTTP POST request to specify heading, pitch and roll.

IONOTRONICS has also added a C thread to process HTTP Post requests sending the Z-Axis Gyro rate which results in the rotation of the NAVBALL around the axis.

Source Code Status:

We are cleaning up the code and will release it soon. If you need it now send email to tech@ionotronics.com

Code developed and tested on Linux Mint 17.3.

Credit for KSP Navball Code:


From the Author:

KSP OpenGL Navball

KSP OpenGL Navball is exactly what the name says, an external navball created
in C++/OpenGL which communicates with the game using the Telemachus plugin.

The purpose of this is manyfold, mainly for my own hobby programming, learning
some C++, OpenGL and down the road learning to control the rockets given data
from the game. Specifically I was interested in control systems, which is why
this project exists at all. Yeah, I took the long way around.

Installation and usage will follow if this ever gets to a useful state, right
now this is only on Github (instead of my private Git) because I want to be
able to use the Github issue system.


- LodePNG (http://lodev.org/lodepng/) is used to load the texture PNG.
- The navball texture itself was created by '5thHorseman' on the KSP forums (http://forum.kerbalspaceprogram.com/threads/69540-Making-high-contrast-nav-ball!/page9).



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