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Remote Robot Command/Control Program (RRCP)

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The Remote Robot Command Program (RRCP) is an Open Source Firmware developed by IONOTRONICS for embedded processors. Currently a 32 bit PIC ( PIC32MX360F512) and an enhanced 8 bit PIC (PIC16F1947) are supported. The Firmware is written in C and is supplied pre-programmed into the PIC Microcontrollers. This includes for both Embedded Processor Adaptor Boards MK-33856 and the MK-28988 that mate to the Eoraptor Robotics Platform.

The RRCP allows for a remote program (through Wireless TCP/IP) or a program running on a local machine, through an RS-232 connection, to control Robots or Industrial Applications.


The RRCP User Guides provide the syntax for each command. RRCP is fully documented. Applications can be written in Java , Python or other high level languages to send commands to the pre-programmed 32 bit or 8 bit PIC microcontrollers to control a vast set of capability in a Robot. No programming is necessary for the embedded micocontroller that controls the Robot. In fact, you can use Telnet or for direct RS-232 interface TeraTerm on Windows or mincom on Linux to send commands.

Embedded Processor Chip Adaptor Board PDF Word
PIC32MX360F512 MK-33856 Word
PIC16F1947 MK-28988 Word

Example List of Commands

Number Command
1 Identification and Test
2 I2C Multiple Servo Control
3 SSC32 Servo Controller
4 I2C LCD Commands
5 Saber Servo Controller Through I2C PIC16F1825's
6 Servo Control via I2C PIC16F1825
7 I2C Ultrasonic
8 Gyroscopes
11 Read GPIO Port A 8 Bits
12 Read GPIO Port B 8 Bits
13 Read GPIO Port D 8 Bits
14 Meter Command (DAC Value Set)
15 Set  ADC Channel
16 Read ADC 8 bit Value (Channel Set by adh Command Default 0)
17 Read 4xADC Values (4 Channels 8 bits Each)
18 Sonar Continuous Read and Output to Meter
19 Morse Code Send Text
20 Morse Code Timing Set
21 Verbose On or Off
22 SPI
23 PIN
24 Analog Accelerometer
25 I2C 3-Axis Accelerometer
26 Camera Take and Upload Picture (PIC32)

RRCP In Action

Here are a few YouTube videos that demonstrate RRCP in action. That is, a Java Application is sending commands to the embedded microcontroller running RRCP that controls the Robot. The Java application also reads sensor data through RRCP and provide visualization and/or autonomous operation using sensors ( gyro, accelerometers, ultrasonic ).
Description Link
Rover Wireless TCP/IP Autonomous Obstacle Avoidance Panning Ultrasonic PIC32 RRCP
Cubesat Gyro Navball Demonstration PIC32 RRCP
Stepping Rover Controlled by iPAD Wireless TCP/IP PIC32 RRCP
AL5A Robotic Arm I2C Control Through Java Using Serial RS-232 to PIC32 Running RRCP
I2C BRAT Humanoid Getting Up Autonomous Wireless TCP /IP PIC16F1947 Running RRCP


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