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Hirose DF-11 Connectors and Headers


The Hirose DF-11 Series of Connectors are used by IONOTRONICS so that we can miniturize our boards while at the same time providing keyed and robust connections. The pitch between pins is 2 mm. IONOTRONICS provides cable kits that you can purchase so you can immediately get your project up and running using keyed robust cabling.

The crimped wires can easily be removed from the header and repurposed.


The crimped wires come in multiple colors and can be ordered from Digikey. You can specify the length and the color. Next day delivery is available.

Here is the code for ordering:

For example the Digikey part number for a 12 inch 26 AWG Red crimped on both ends wire (jumper) is: H3BBT-10112-R6-ND

The headers are available in a number of pin configurations. See the DF-11 to DF-11 Cable Kit for part numbers.

Below are a few photos (click to go to Digikey part):

The Crimp:

If you have a shop and run a Lab get the tool:

Here is an example of a 12 pin to 12 pin connection using the Eoraptor Robotics Platform and the Debounce Multi LED board:

Here is another example where DF-11 cables connect a PIC16F1825 to the programmer and to the RGB LED device.


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