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Xilinx T45 Spartan 6 FPGA Adaptor for the Dakotaraptor Platform

The IONOTRONICS Spartan 6 LX45T Xilinx FPGA Adaptor enables the development of high performance System on a Chip and DSP applications. The Adaptor board provides full access to 145 I/O through the Dakotaraptor and more I/O using two 40 pin SAMTEC connectors on the adaptor board.

The 45T Spartan 6 FPGA supports 2,088 Kbits of Block RAM to support 48Kx32 program space for an Open RISC SoC. It has 54,576 Flip-Flops.It supports 58 DSP48A1 Slices. It can handle very demanding SoC applications. Since the Adaptor mates with the Dakotaraptor, more than 145 IO are routed to 40 Pin Connectors. Various Peripherals can be attached to the 40 Pin connectors providing complex functionality. The 40 Pin Peripheral interfaces also support a 40 Pin Breakout Board with 0.1" 25mil Posts. This allows easy access to the FPGA IO pins for testing and prototyping. See the list of 40 Pin Peripherals here.

The Adaptor is supplied with 12V DC Power through a BNC Conector for easy reliable connection to Voltage and Current limited Power Supplies or AC to DC 12 V Supplies. The Adaptor Board has on board voltage regulators.

The Adaptor supports high speed clocks through SMA connectors. Coaxial Clocks (for example Crystek 50 MHz Part CPRO33-50.000) can be used. An SMA connector is also provided to supply 2.5V. An SMA connector is also buffered and can be used as a trigger for Oscilloscopes.

A set of switches is provided as well as LEDs to get a head start. More switches and Seven Segment 4 Digit Displays can be added through the 40 Pin Periphersl on the Dakotaraptor. Support is provided for an adaptor board through two 40 pin Samtec connectors to support high speed Ethernet (10/100/1000) and DVI interfaces.

The Adaptor supports direct interface to Xilinx Platform Cable. The Adaptor provides a 16Mb XCF16PVOG48C PROM for storing bitstreams for fielding and bootup as well as direct programming of the FPGA.

PROM and FPGA JTAG Samtec 40 Pin Connectors Ethernet and DVI Coaxial Clock Oscillator




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