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Dakotaraptor 40-Pin Peripherals

Peripheral Description Availability Photo
SPISER The SPISER Peripheral which provdes support for RS-232 UART, WiFi Serial RS-232 Adaptor, 4 MBit SPI EEPROM for Program Bootup and Data Store, Multipe SPI Interfaces with Chip Selects and 3 I2C Cores Bus Support. Now
Switches and 4 Digit Seven Segment Display The 4 Digit Seven Segment Display and Multiple Debounced Switch with Status LED Support. Now
Breakout 40 PIn Break Out Board for 40 Pin Samtec Peripheral Interfaces 0.1" 25 mil Posts Now
Dual 10 Bit DACs 40 MS/s Dual (I and Q) 10 bit DAC Peripheral
In Development
Dual 10 Bit ADCs 80 MS/s Dual (I and Q) 10 bit ADC
In Development


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