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Linux Based Robotics


Visit this page for updates on Linux and Robotics.

We will cover a Linux solution using Cinnamon Mint 17 (or 18) and an ASUS mini-ITX mother board and Intel Core i3 that is battery powered and can be mounted on Rovers. Using the Eoraptor and the PIC System on a Chip (SoC) Robotics Platform, applications running on Linux can fully control Robots and obtain sensor measurements as well as actuate devices.

The Linux platform also supports HD Video streaming. In addition, we will describe Java and C Applications on Linux for Remote Control of Robots with the full power of Java and C development and processimng power on the Linux 64 bit platform.

We also support the NAVBALL (see the video with a cubesat here) that runs on 64 bit Linux Mint 17 with an embedded HTTP server and C threads so that the Linux Java based JavaRoboticsApp or C code can send Robot orienation and rotation for direct positional and dynamic movement visualization.





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