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Video: Pyroraptor USB/I2C Bridge C API Code.

Programs are Open Source and use the Diolan C API. Programs written in Microsoft Visual C++ 2010 Express. Each program is an executable .exe. These programs can be ported to Linux using the Diolan API for Linux.

The programs demonstrate the robustenss of the Pyroraptor (MK-11009) with Diolan Firmware combined with the I2C bus( MK-33910) and Ionotronics I2C PWM Servo controller (MK-24316) and I2C Ultrasonic sensor(MK-24316) and I2C 4xADC DAC (MK-34765).



Item Description Size Download
1 Ultrasonic Scan with Pan and Tilt. Continous scan using PIC16F1825 I2C Slave for Parallax Ultrasonic Scanner and distance diplay on Meter. 5.6MBytes video quicktime
2 Continuous I2C read of ADC and write to DAC using Potentiometer and Meter. 2 MBytes video quicktime
3 Pan and Tilt while scanning using I2C Slaves (based on PIC 16F1825) and control with two potentiometers using ADC's and dsiplay on meter (DAC). 7.1 MBytes video quicktime


pyroraptor java_i2c_control_panel



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